Legal Hitory Review vol.42 (1992)
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Yukiko HAYASHIDaughter-in-law and parents-in-law in the regulations on parricide in Edo-period-In comparison to criminal laws in Tang and Ming-1
Kazuyoshi ITOOn Hata Kiyokane of the Estate Officer (Geshi,i) of Toji Temple's Kamino Estate in Yamashiro Province -With Miyoshu-shiki (E) Action (Souron,_) pending from 3d Year of Ryakuou () to 4th Year Ryakuou-73
Tsutomu ARAIA Study on the Plot of the Otsu Affair93
Yasunori KEGASAWAThe Results and Trends on the Study of Early Fubing System (From Xi-wei era till early Sui @ era)123
Einosuke YAMANAKA Itaru YAMANAKA Yutaka YABUTA Kayoko KONDO Reiko SHIRAISHIThe Legal Structure and Patriarchal Right in Modern Japanese State (from Edo period to Early Showa period)l54
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Hiroshi KOBAYASHIThe late Professor Masajiro TAKIGAWA@
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