Legal Hitory Review vol.43 (1993)
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Kaoru KITANOStatutes of Riot in the Later Middle Ages1
Akira HASEYAMAIndemnity System and Inherent Law in Ancient Japan-Regarding the Property penalty and House Burning Practice Seen in "Nihon Shoki (日本書紀)","Kojiki(古事記)"and Historical Documents in China73
Makoto SAIKAWAThe Position and Method of Legal History-Can we innovate in legal history of Japan?-117
Atsushi SHIMOZAWAOn AKUTO actions (banditry) seen from a viewpoint of the orders and the commands of the Kamakura Shogunate and on several questions concerned with the suppression policies enforced on AKUTO offenders (banditti) by theKamakura Shogunate199
Yoriko HAYASHIThe "double rule"of the ferry route in the Edo-period-On the Uchida and the Okoshi ferry routes in the Owari-han feudal domain-243
Masahiro WADAThe Feature of Subjects in the Ke-Jü (科擧) System of the Ming Period-Concerning the introduction of judicial decision(判語)271
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Shiro ISHIIThe late Professor Ryosuke ISHII 
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