Legal Hitory Review vol.41 (1991)
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ltaru YAMANAKAGeishhogi-contract and the development of its case theory1
Hiroaki TSUJIMOTOThe Historical Role of the Local Seigneurs in the Medieval Japan: Investigating on the Process of Founding the Local Judicial Decision Authority in the 11th Century45
Tadahisa SAKAMOTOFor Ninsokuyoseba (人足寄場) in Edo and the Change of its Character81
Muneyuki SUYAMAOn the Criminal Naisai in the Edo Syogunateune-With special reference to personal injury -101
Miho MITSUNARIVerwandtenerbfolge und Familie nach den Zürcher Recht129
Yuichi OHIRAA Survey of the Studies on the Suits in Tokugawa Japan163
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In Memoriam
Ken MUKAIThe late Professor Yutaka TEZUKA 
Senzo HIDEMURAThe late Professor Mataji MIYAMOTO 
Bibliography (1990) 
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