Legal Hitory Review vol.40 (1990)
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Hisao lSHIKAWAKuga-Katsunan (1857-1907) -His Works on Local Autonomy and Notables1
Tsutomu YAMADAThe Criminal Laws and Systems of Wakamatsu-Ken in the early Meiji Period33
Arikazu FUJIWARAA drastic anti-Christian policy and a discrirninate group (Cawata-machi people) at Nagasaki in 1587-164861
Osamu TAKAMIJAWAThe sources of the law in the People's Republic of China77
Katsujiro MATSUMURA, The Feudal Framework of the Land Law in Glanvill111
Hideo ONOF.W. Maitland: A Theory of Corporation135
Minoru TANAKAOb und wie die Rechtsgeschichte zur Rechtsdogmatik beitragen kann?153
Hiroshi HIRAMATSU Takeshi TSUNODA J. W. CAIRNS and Hukuo TAKADASymposium "The Formation of Modern Scotland Law and Roman Law"183
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News and Notes389
In Memoriam
Masajiro TAKIGAWAThe late Professor Shozo KANAZASHI401
Shuzo SHIGAThe late Professor Tomoo UCHIDA403
Hiroshi KAMATAThe late Professor Shinzo TAKAYANAGI406
Einosuke YAMANAKAThe late Professor Kaisaku KUMAGAI408
Bibliography (l989)1
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