Legal Hitory Review vol.39 (1989)
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Tadabumi KURODALegal Expenses and the Right of a Pauper to Sue in Romano-German Legal History."1
Shuzo SHIGATwo Forms of Appointment to Office in the Officialdom System of T'ang China: With and Without the Effect of Investing with Court RankQResponding to Mr. Tadashi Tsukigi53
0sami TANAKAThe Actual Effects of ZURYO-MEI-KANTO (̖r) in each district in Latter Medieval JapanQConcerning the Example of BITCHU-NO-KAMI() in BITCHU-NO-KUNI ()-61
Masaaki KIKUYAMAJudicial Reform under Shinpei ETO91
Shun'ichiro KOYANAGISur le bail dans le Projet du code civil pour l'empire du Japon (1880)121
Kayoko KONDOThe Matrimonial Property Relations in the Process of the Japanese Civil Codification151
Shigeo NISHIMURAEin Bericht über neuere Forschungen zu den byzantinischen Rechtsquellen185
Book Reviews204
News and Notes403
In Memoriam
Takeshi lSHIKAWAThe late Professor Terusiro SERA416
Masaharu MAEDAThe late Professor Kenji MAKI421
Bibliography (1988) 1
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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