Legal Hitory Review vol.33 (1983)
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HAMASHIMA AtutoshiPrison of Local Governments in the Ming and the Qing Periods-preliminary investigation1
Norio YOSHIDAEssay on the Inheritable Shiki61
Tsuyoshi HORIA Research on the Penal Policy in China durlng the Ch'in and the Han Dynasties97
Takayoshi MISHIMURARoman Legal Thinking in Classical Times-An approach to the Aquilian texts123
Takeshi ISHIKAWAKönigtum und Heer in der früheren Merowingerzeit159
Book Reviews182
News and Notes351
In Memoriam
Yasutoshi UEYAMAThe late Professor Satoshi NISHIMOTO364
Mitsuo RIKOThe late Professor Mitsusada INOUE366
Bibliography (1982) 1
Summmries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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