Legal Hitory Review vol.34 (1984)
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Shin-ichi YAMAMUROSome Aspects of Nation-State Building in Modern Japan1
Michio OKAThe Statesman in Cicero's De Re Publica23
Hiroshi HARAFUJIThe Power Structure of the Edo Period State(Bakuhabsei Kokka) as Seen through the Role of the gRusu'ih47
Osamu NARUSEgStaathund gHaushbei Jean Bodin79
Yoshitaka SHIMAUeber das@gShayuh(Begnadigung)in der Ritsuryo-Zeit101
Takeshi ISHIKAWAUeber ein Symposium gStruktur und Entwicklung der Rechtsordnung im europaeischen Mittelalterh129
Book Reviews151
News and Notes508
Bibliography (1983)1
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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