Legal Hitory Review vol.32 (1982)
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Masahata KUBOÜber den "Liber Augustalis"1
Shinichi NAOEReflections on the Murder Fine17
Kaoru KITANOPetitions in the Early English Parliaments65
ltaru INAMOTOEine Untersuchung über die Territorialpolitik der Stadt Lübeck115
Reiko SHIRAISHIThe Status of the Female House-Head(Onna-Koshu) and Her Marriage Called "Nyufu Kon-in" in the Process of the Japanese Civil Codification 141
Shinpachiro GOTOThe Emergency Measures for Private Rights in the Great Earthquake of 1923 167
OKUBO YasuoL'Histoire de l'Administration du XIXe siècle en France:Esquisse sommaire de son éat actuel193
Book Reviews227
News and Notes391
In Memoriam
Makoto SASAKIThe late Professor Yoshio MIZUTA406
Bibliography (1981)1
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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