Legal Hitory Review vol.08 (1958)
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En-fui TAIGuards againts aborigines and guardrent of Taiwan in the Ching dynasty1
Seiji IMABORIThe Nature of Ho-huo in the 16th Century and Thereafter57
Shosaburo KIMURADe la féodalité en France au Moyen Age-Châtellenie seigneurie banale105
Hidemasa MIYAGIThe Significance of Seikyuki ({L ) in the History of Law172
Akira SUGITANIThe Dismemberment Process of An Old Clan () in the Early Meiji Era200
Kaizaburo HINOYung-t'iao Exemption and Tsu-yung Exemption under the T'ang Dynasty226
Setsu AKAIThe Nature of Banishment in the Hebrew Law237
Book Reviews226
Summaries of Articles and Materials(in Foreign Languages)

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