Legal Hitory Review vol.09 (1959)
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Yoshiro HIRAMATSUCriminal jurisdiction of Tokugawa skogun's bannermen (hatamoto)1
Chikara KAMIYAThe internal change of iriai-ken (the right of common) and the process of changing in the system of murakata (village) in the early Meiji period with special reference to the ownership of common owned by the village55
Masao NISHIKAWAThe character of the governmental power tinder the both dynasties of WILl and the South-era T'ang : Introductory study on the constitutional history during the Sung Period (I)95
Gentaro HARUHARALitigations concerning to hisashitsuki (eaves-accessories) : Some cases in Hino-shinden in the Mino country172
Toichi HAYASHIYamamura Jimbei and Chimura Heiemon-' Doppelvasa11ität ' in the later feudal system in Japan183
Tsuruhisa KAZAMAA brief history of the law of succession in Italy212
Yoshitaro KOSUGERecent studies in the interpolatio227
Takeshi ISHIKAWAKonstanzer Arbeitskreis für mittelalterlische Geschichte233
Book Reviews249
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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