Legal Hitory Review vol.07 (1957)
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Yoshiyuki SudoThe Tenancy in Pawn at the Age of Sung Dynasty
Toshiya ToraoNew Lights on the Articles concerning the Allotment of Paddyfields prescribed in the Taiho-ryo囏 (Taiho- Code) and the Yoro-ryo(Yoro-Code)
Shizuo SogabeThe relationship between the census registers of West Liang () and Two Weis()and that of our ancient Japan
Yaheiji FusegMyobohakase Nakahara-no-Norisadah
Einosuke YamanakaLevirate Marriage of Meiji Era in Japan
Akira SugitaniEstablishment of landownership in the early time of Meiji-villge headman on the Transfer System in amendment of the land tax law
Yasuoki YokoyamaOn the Local Government in the Early Meiji Period, in lbaraki Prefecture
Fumio UnabaraThe historical background of corporate legal theories in Angro-American law
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