Legal Hitory Review vol.59 (2009)
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Hiroshi ISHIOKAThe Legal reformation by Emperor Wen-di 文帝 of the Three Kingdoms Wei 魏dynasty and the suppression of crime of Yao-yan 妖言:The watershed of the development of anti-rebellion law in the ancient China [ Summary ]1
Hiroyuki EMURABasic consideration of regulation and the development of a common sense of the law enacted to Japanese ancient times, to provide for the deities and the festa.―From the deities law of the 8th century (大宝神祇令)to the detailed rule of the 9th century(延喜神祇式)― [ Summary ]53
Ryosuke YAMAGUCHIA study concerning the formation of "judiciary" (Shiho) at the beginning of the Meiji era: Shinpei ETO's plans of Shihodai and various elements for discussion that are seen its foundation
[ Summary ]
Yusuke KOISHIKAWAPublic Utility Regulation in the Modern Japan ― An Analysis Based on Gas Hosho Contracts between Municipality and Business Operators [ Summary ]113
Arnd Helmut Hafner(Ando SUEYASU)Reconsidering the concept of complicity in the Tang-code ; From a continental to an anglo-american law perspective [ Summary ]147
P. A. Brand(trans. Shinichi NAOE)Judges and Judging in England,1176-1307 [ Summary ]163
Dan SATOHEU-Erweiterung und die europäische Stadtrechtsforschung am Beispiel der Erforschung des sächsisch-magdeburgischen Rechts [ Summary ]191
Reviews of Books and Articles223
News and Notes429
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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