Legal Hitory Review vol.58 (2008)
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Hiroyuki YANAGIHASHIAn essay to reconstruct the redaction of al-Shaybann's Asl : an analisys of a Cairene manuscript [ Summary ]1
Hiroshi ONOOn the Meaning of Reformation Conception of Administrative Litigation System in 1920's : A Roll of the Court of Administrative Litigation in Temporary Council of Legal System [ Summary ]47
Youichi SOGAWAThe Structure and Characteristic of Eizenryo cUin Japan and Tang
[ Summary ]
Masaki TAGUCHIDas Fürstengericht im deutschen Hoch- und Spätmittelalter [ Summary ]111
Takeshi SASAKIA Trend of the Research on the Interdicts in the ancient Roman Law : one Branch of the legal History concerning the Administration or Government [ Summary ] 141
Reviews of Books and Articles171
News and Notes449
In Memoriam
Hiroaki TERADAThe late Professor Syuzo SHIGA461
Minoru TANAKAThe late Professor Sumio MIURA466
Kenji MITSUNARIThe late Professor Takeshi HAYASHI469
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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