Legal Hitory Review vol.56 (2006)
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Keizo ASAJIBarons' War and the Community of the Realm, 1258-65 1
Akio OKADAThe Publication of the Official Gazette And The Ability of Subjects to Understand Laws and Regulations : The Transfiguration of the Meiji Government and Its Promulgation System of Laws and Regulations41
Hideki YAMAMOTOA Study of the Job of Edo Shogunate Oometsuke (大目付) in the Tenmei and Kansei Era : focusing on the procedure of Kakekomiuttae(駈込訴)65
Mika KITAAn Inquiry into the Usage of Monetary Penalty and the Local Finance in the Qing Dynasty87
Emi MATSUMOTOLes conflits de juridictions et l'ancien droit de France : examen des cas pour la juridiction consulaire109
Yuichi DEGUCHICurrent State and Problems of Studies about Japanese Legal Reform under Allied Occupation after World War II141
Reviews of Books and Articles175
News and Notes359
In Memoriam
Akihisa FUJIWARAThe late Professor Hideo OHTAKE382
Toshihiko HARADAThe late Professor Tokuji SATO388
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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