Legal Hitory Review vol.54 (2004)
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Toru OTSUOn the Miscellaneous Labour Services (Gs, Zayao, Zoyou) under the Code-Statute System of the Tang and Ancient Japan1
Mieko AKAGIKejin () and Keyi (‹^)F the Study of the Court Assize Procedure and the Case Classifications in Early Qing Dynasty25
Tatsushi GENKAUberlegungen zur Methode der Textkritik des Gratianischen Dekrets anhand der Rubrik von C.15 q.1 c.861
Hiroyuki YANAGIHASHIStudies on Islamic Law, 1984-200481
Reviews of Books and Articles115
News and Notes 267
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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