Legal Hitory Review vol.51 (2001)
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Daisuke MIZUMAThe Punishment Principles of the Complicity in the Qin Law and Han Law: About the Historical Change and Ideological Background [ Summary ]1
Taku MINAGAWADie Entstehung der Reichsritterschaft [ Summary ]47
Ryo HATAKEYAMAOn the Feudal Lord in the Late Medieval Village Community [ Summary ]101
Symposium:The Role of Historical Thinking in Legal Scholarship125
Yoichi NISHIKAWAIntroduction [ Summary ]127
Akira KOBAιστοριη as Foundation of Legal System [ Summary ]130
Makoto OKANOStudies in Legal History: the Current Situation, Problems,and Some Possibilities [ Summary ]142
Yoshihisa NOMIWhat does Legal Scholarship expect from gLegal Historyh?163
Yoichi HIGUCHIHistorical Thinking in Legal Scholarship:especially concerning Constitutional Law [ Summary ]175
Reviews of Books and Articles189
News and Notes342
In Memoriam
Hiroichi NAKAMURAThe late Professor Chohu NUNOME358
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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