Legal Hitory Review vol.50 (2000)
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Yasunori KASAITwo Types of Greek Attitude towards Conflicts and Disputes : An Analysis with Special Reference to peithomai and Peitho [ Summary ]1
Akihisa FUJIWARAProcess of Building the Land Succession Law System in the Early Meiji Period [ Summary ]43
Keiichi KONOA Study of the Mori's Method of Dealing with Fighting between Vassals [ Summary ]87
Tomoko INAGAKIThe Marriage of Daimyo : A Discussion on the Purpose of the Encouragement Acts for the Marriage Issued in1724 and 1763 [ Summary ]117
Hiroshi ISHIOKAFu-zuo and Chi-xing oY in Penal System that is composed of definite labour term during the Han Dynasty [ Summary ]137
Arnd HAFNERJuridical Assizes (ShenluR^) during the Ming Dynasty : Or another View on the Autumn Assizes (QiushenHR)in the Qing through the Tradition of "offense-Title-Lists" as Legal Statute (zuimingliߖ) [ Summary ]161
Izuru OHTACrime and Public Order in the Market Towns of the Lower Yangze Delta during the Qing Period205
Aya SONODAAppeals to Roman Curia from England in the Twelfth Century : the Constitutions of Clarendon of 1164 and the Compromise of Avranshes of 1172 reconsidered [ Summary ]233
Reviews of Books and Articles267
News and Notes393
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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