Legal Hitory Review vol.20 (1970)
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Kyoji FUNADADie Anfänge des modernen Urteilbegriffs im römischen Recht1
Shigeko TANABEContract in the Laws of Manu-On Sale and other Contracts47
Akira SUGITANIA Study on the Historical Significance of Hakodate- Fu(Hakodate Prefectural Government) in the Beginning of the Meiji Era77
Tomosaburo NIWAA Study of the Jian(ŠΔjin the Yuan (Œ³j Dynasty111
@@Common Thema:@Problems about Constitution of Political Power in the Early Middle Ages in Japan
Yoshimi TODAFormation of Military System of Kokuga (‘εΙ), an Introduction133
Susumu ISHII Military System of Kokuga in the 10th-12th Centuries143
Masataka UWAYOKOTEShujuketsugo (Žε]Œ‹‡) and Kamakura Bakufu(Š™‘q–‹•{)155
Book Reviews203
In Memoriam
H. Tokura and S. MachidaThe late Prof.Kyoji Funada253
Bibliography (1969) 261
A List of Contents of "Legal History Review"(vol. I-XX)291
Bibliography ( 1960-1969 )357

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