Legal Hitory Review vol.19 (1969)
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Toshiro SHIGEZAWADie 法治 Lehre im Alten China 1
Ikuzo OKUMURA, On the Connection between Bureaucratic Government and Local Self-Government in Ola China25
Takeshi HAYASHIDie Kolner Neuere Satzung im Mittelalter- Die erste deutschrechtliche Hypothek51
Yoshiro SHIONOAn lnquiry into the Creative Formation of Villages under the Baku-han regime(幕藩体制)-Making the agricultural districts in the Kyoto-Osaka area the main Object of the investigation85
Masayuki KOIKEAn Introcluction to the Study of the Legal Ideas of the Levellers at the Time of Puritan Revolution111
Koichi NAKAZAWA and Hiroshi KOBAYASHIThe Official Control over the Eta(穢多)by the Kyoto Deputy Governer and his Following in the Edo Era129
Book Reviews152
In Memoriam
Shozo KanezashiThe late Dr. Shoichi Sumida205
Sakae ItoThe late Prof. Hisashi Uono209
Masajiro TakigawaThe late Dr. Gentaro Haruhara212
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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