Legal Hitory Review vol.47 (1997)
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Takeshi MIZUBAYASHILe chemin du Kojiki-Prolègomenes à une recherche sur l'Etat antique japonais-1
Takao NAGAMATAThe Historical Significance of the "Wayo"concept: An Aspect of the Law in "Hossoushiyoushou"63
Shinichi NAOERecent Studies on the Early History of the Common Law in England:A Surve of Centenary Essays on 'Pollock and Maitland'87
Tami YOSHII Tadashi FUZITA Juro IWATANI Hitoshi AOKI and Takashi OZAWASymposoum "Codification in Modern Japan-Rereading the drafting process of the Penal Code of 1880-"139
Reviews of Books and Articles177
News and Notes413
In Memoriam
Osami TANAKAThe late Professor Akira OAE426
Hiroshi KOBAYASHIThe late Professor Masao MITOBE430
Yasutoshi UEYAMAThe late Professor Kanetomo TANAKA433
Bibliography (1996) 1
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Langeages)

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