Legal Hitory Review vol.37 (1987)
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Akira MOMIYAMAOn the Litigation in the Chunqiu Period1
Shuzo SHIGASome Observations on Lawsuit at District Magistrate Office in Qing China: Based on the Danshui-Xinzhu Archives as Source Materials37
Setsuo WATANABE,Les pouvoirs royaux et les évêchés en France aux 11e. et 12e siècles63
Yuzuru HASHIBAOn the Eisangelia in Classical Athens103
Book Reviews127
News and Notes375
In Memoriam
Yasutoshi UEYAMAThe late Professor Tsuruhisa KAZAMA391
Senzo HIDEMURAThe late Professor Torao HARAGUCHI392
Masajiro TAKIGAWAThe late Professor Taro SAKAMOTO395
Bibliography(1986) 1
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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