Legal Hitory Review vol.30 (1980)
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Hiroshi TAKASHIOAn Examination on the Codification of the Japanese code (Nihon-Ritsu)1
Sumio MIURAHaus und Dorf Mitteleuropas irl archaeologischer Sicht57
Toshio ICHIYANAGISecond Comment on the Berezan Letter of Achillodoros-The Development of Commerce and the Condition of Xenoi and Slaves in Later Archaic Period of Greece123
Shuzo SHIGAA Problem concerning the Amendment of the Penal Code in China during the T'ang: A Review of the Studies by Mitsuo Riko and Makoto Okano153
Kazuyoshi SUNAGAWA Koichi NAKAZAWA TakaakiNARUSE Noriaki HAYASHIDer heutige Stand der Forschung zur Wiederherstellung des gTaiho-ryoh (囏) (1) 159
Book Reviews199
News and Notes443
In Memoriam
Ryosuke ISHIIThe late Professor Hikoroku OKUNO457
Ryosuke ISHIIThe late Professor Takeshi TOYOTA459
Bibliography (1979)461
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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