Legal Hitory Review vol.27 (1977)
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Ryoji IGETASome Problems concerning Appropriation of Commons by the Meiji Government1
Hideo SHINPODie Struktur der Stadtherrschalt der Freien Stadt Mainz im 15. Jahrhundert57
Tatsuo YANOAn Aspect of the Labor Legislation during the 1920's(Japan)-its legislative process of the Labor Disputes Conciliation Law-105
Makoto SAIKAWAA Study on the Commentaries of Ritsu and Ryo ߒߏ in the eraly Heian Era141
Michihiko FUCHIRecent Aspects of the Study of History of Canon Law169
On IKEDA and Makoto OKANOOn the Tang Legal Texts Dicovered at Dunhuang and Turfan189
Book Reviews230
In Memoriam
Toshio YAMAZAKIThe late Orof. Gisho NAKANO366
Bibliography (1976)370
Summaries of Articles(in Foreign Languages)

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