Legal Hitory Review vol.25 (1975)
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Shigeaki OCHIOn the Yao-i œs–๐ in the Former Han ‘OŠฟ Period 1
Makoto OKANOOn the Prohibited Degrees of Marriage in the T'ang Dynasty -in the case of "Wei-yin Wu-fu Tsun-pei Wei-hun ŠOˆ๗–ณ•ž‘ธ”ฺเจฅ49
Kenji WAKASONEDas landesfürstliche Steuerwesen in Land Tirol89
Kazuyoshi ITOOn "Munakatashi Kotogaki (@‘œŽŽ–‘)"135
Seiji IMAHORIThe Chinese Family since Chins Dynasty-Viewed from traffic documents in Ho-pei & Hu-nan 153
Toshio ICHIYANAGIA Comment on 'An Ancient Greek Letter from Berezan' by Yu. G. Vinogradov189
Takeshi HAYASHIInstitute für geschichtliche Landeskunde der Rheinlande an der Universität Bonn217
Book Reviews223
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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