Legal Hitory Review vol.13 (1963)
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Hiroshi KAMADASome Characteristics of the Feudal succession Law in gEdoh EraQwith regard to Kumamoto Clan as a Central Figure1
En-Fui TAIThe Provision for gthe Expulsion-Dismissal and Atonementh(ƕx܁j in Teang Lu53
Kenji IWATAOn the Laws relating to Mariied People's Property in Roman Law93
Masajiro TAKIKAWAOf Cutting off Three Articles in the Latter Parts of Egon-Ritsu in the Process of Transcription130
Tomomasa SHIRAYAMAYoseba in Ezo144
Shozo KANRZASHIOn the Contract of Employment of the Shipping Crew in gEdoh Era164
Einosuke YAMANAKA Ken MUKAI and Nobuyoshi TOSHITANIOn the Problems of the Post-War Studies of Meiji Family Law181
Shuzo SHIGA and Mitsuo MORIYASome Notable Works on Chinese Legal History by Western Scholars since the End of the Second World War222
Shinzan HAYASHIAn Impression on Legal History in Cambridge University241
Book Reviews244
In Memoriam
Wataru KumazakiThe late Prof. Kameichi Hosokawa335
Kanetomo TanakaThe late Prof. Toshio Muto340
Summaries of Articles(in Foreign Languages)

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