Legal Hitory Review vol.03 (1953)
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Kaoru Nakada,Supplimentary Studies to “Evolution of the Chinese Legal System”
Kyoji Funada,A Retrial of Christ's Trial
Noboru Niida,The Chinese Idea of National Superiority and Concurrence of Principle of Personal Law and Principle of Territorial Law
Masaharu Maeda, On Kiyomine-ko in Morie Village, Tajima-no-kuni(Hyogo Prefecture)
Kazuwo InoueA Typical Sample of Organization of Vassals under the Local Rulers of Japan in XVI Century.-An Outline of the Orga11isation under the Chosokabes
Book Reviews 
In Memoriam
The late Professor Keikichi HaradaTeruwo Kataoka  
Summaries of Articles(in English)

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